Why Use Us?

We have been in business for 9 years, we know  tree species and the needs of each individual one and how to safely and properly transport them.  We are known throughout the landscape industry for always being on time, professional and delivering materials in the same condition they were picked up.

- Your time is valuable, don't waste your day driving to the field to get trees, stay on the jobsite getting prepared, so when we arrive with the trees, you are ready to install.

- Wear and tear on your trucks and trailers adds up. Let us deal with those headaches. How much did you spend last year on repairs and maintenance? Trees are heavy and add excessive wear on vehicles, we are specifically equipped to handle this, and, in many cases, our customers find its cheaper on their bottom line to hire us instead.

What We Do:

We deliver trees, plants, sod and other landscape materials and supplies throughout the state of Florida. No load is too small, no distance is too short, call us today for a quote.

Cory Leserra
Owner/ Operator